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Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Wrath - Ballbusting

Miss Suzanna Maxwell - Wrath - Ballbusting

Wrath – Extreme anger

Flash has misbehaved, not such a regular occurrence for him. But, when he does it ignites a fire within Me that must burn until satisfied. I never punish when I am emotional, I wait until I am calm and calculated to exact such a punishment that My wrath will be long lasting. he has taken it into his owns hands to touch himself of his own volition, not at My designated times or following My rules. For this his balls must be broken, in such a cruel, cold, sadistic way that he has no interest in touching himself again for quite some time. As he pathetically kisses My boots in way of an apology I stamp on his head and squeeze My foot down. Screams burst from his lips as I command him to present his balls for destruction. Kicks in My pointed boots puncture his disobedient little sack, a continuous barrage of blows on his disobedient balls. I drag him to his feet and hold him by the throat whilst My knees busting his balls into his stomach. More kicks, front and back, 31 to finish… he will feel My wrath and pray he doesn’t disappoint Me again!

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