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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Milked, whipped and fed his own cum

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Milked, whipped and fed his own cum

#1 clip in category “FEMALE DOMINATION”

It was the end of a long whipping session. My slave’s back was full of nice red marks, but he still had to take ten more whiplashes. Suddenly I realize he is aroused, he has a bulge in his punishment panties. Did I manage to turn him into a masochist, has he started to like pain, although he absolutely hated it not so long ago? Or is this pain, just because it’s coming from Me, his Mistress, a pleasure? Anyway, this gives Me an interesting idea: I want to milk him before giving him the final ten lashes; when his arousal will be consumed, these ten lashes will feel completely different. An aroused man can take a lot of pain n humiliation, but right after cumming they don’t even want to hear about any more. Then it’s even more interesting n arousing for Me to hurt them, and that’s what I am going to do. I will have My slave jerk off and cum into a glass, I will even not ruin it, I want to be sure his arousal is completely consumed. Then, and only then, he will receive the final ten whiplashes n more, he will have to eat his own cum. Am I sadistic or what?

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