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emilek on Goddess Slaverna - Session 13 - Whipping and Caning
24 Jan, 2021

Thank you for all of these updates!...
Garry on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
23 Jan, 2021

Hello Emilek. You don't spam. All r...
emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

Hey Garry! Sorry for that spam last...

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Mistress Gaia - Leather Head Feet Cleaner - Foot Worship

Mistress Gaia - Leather Head Feet Cleaner - Foot Worship

I was with my mistress friend in the garden, and we took our shoes off to relax. We were also walking about and our feet got very dirty. Of course when came back inside we had a slave to hand. We decide to make him useful, I put a leather hood on him and laced it up tightly. My friend and me sat on the bed, and I call my slave over. His task is to get that tongue of his going and lick clean our beautiful feet. We are having a chat, and our bitch moves from one to the other as he cleans our feet. I have to give him a couple of slaps and tell him to make sure he does a good job. When I think he’s finished, we will check our feet to make sure our bitch deserves the luxury of being our leather head feet cleaner…

Con la mia amica ho passato qualche ora in giardino, camminando scalze sull’ erba per godere del contatto con la natura. Ovviamente i nostri piedi si sono sporcati, ma previdente quale sono ho lasciato uno schiavo nel dungeon che si occupera’ di Noi. Gli ho infilato un cappuccio in pelle in testa ben stretto, ed una volta sedute accomodateci sul letto lo chiamamo al nostro cospetto. E mentre chiaccheriamo gli ordino di darsi da fare per pulire i nostri bellissimi piedi a turno. Per stimolarlo a fare un buon lavoro, gli assesto qualche sonoro ceffone. Quando avra’ finito, faro’ un controllo accurato dei nostri piedi per verificare che la mia puttanella possa assumere il ruolo di leccatore pulitore ufficiale dei miei regali piedi…

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