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Mistress Gaia - Meltdown (1080 HD) - Mistress Ezada Sinn - CBT

Mistress Gaia - Meltdown (1080 HD) - Mistress Ezada Sinn - CBT

I’m at the House Of Sinn with my beautiful friend Mistress Ezada. We are going to enjoy tormenting our slave and making him suffer for us. We already have him on the table in a very stressful position, he is bound hand and foot with a inflatable ball gag in his mouth to shut him up. As he is on his knees with his legs apart, we have easy access to his cock and balls. They are like hanging fruit just ripe for the picking, and we intend to pick away at them. We begin by teasing and taunting him, as I twist his balls and cock while Mistress Ezada inflates his gag until he begins to choke. We then get a nice ball clamp, and place his balls between the clamps and screw them fully tight. Our bitch begins to squeal, as his balls are now squashed and turning a nice shade of purple. There’s no escape for our slut, and we are just getting warmed up as we continue to torment him. Mistress Ezada has a nice surprise, and brings out her electric wand. She tells our slut he’s going to experience some real stimulation, and begins to sizzle his cock and balls. What a blast, as we continue to laugh and enjoy seeing our sluts balls turn into meltdown…

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