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emilek on Goddess Slaverna - Session 13 - Whipping and Caning
24 Jan, 2021

Thank you for all of these updates!...
Garry on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
23 Jan, 2021

Hello Emilek. You don't spam. All r...
emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

Hey Garry! Sorry for that spam last...

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Mistress Gaia - Pinky Winkle (1080 HD) - Bootlicking

Mistress Gaia - Pinky Winkle (1080 HD) - Bootlicking

Today I have a slave who is going to worship my boots. If he performs well, I’ll reward him by allowing him the luxury of feeling my leather boots around his cock. However, I have one more stipulation for my bitch. I’m going to enjoy a cigarette, and if he wants to cum he must wait until I’m almost finished. After some boot worship, I light up and we begin with him placing his tiny cock between my stiletto heels. I laugh and say to him, his cock is so tiny he needs to use the smallest part of my beautiful leather boots. What a wimp!! He is getting a little frantic, as my cigarette is almost done. I allow him to hold his cock as he cums over my boots. He now has to clean them with his tongue, and also lick his mess from the floor. It shouldn’t take my bitch long, he doesn’t have much of a scooter in that pinky winkle …

Oggi ho uno schiavo pronto ad adorare e venerare i miei stivali. Se sara’ bravo nel suo compito, gli concedero’ l’ onore di sfregare i miei stivali in pelle intorno al suo cazzo. Lo schiavo svolge bene il suo compito, e cosi lo ricompenso facendogli mettere il suo piccolo cazzo tra i miei tacchi a spillo. Freme per venire, ma se vorra’ farlo dovra’ rispettare un regola. Io mi accendo una sigaretta, e lui dovra’ venire solo dopo che IO l’ avro’ finita di fumare. Rido per il suo minuscolo cazzo, talmente piccolo che posso usare la parte piu’ minuta dei miei bellissimi stivali. Che troia schifosa !!!!! Sta diventando frenetico perche’ vede che la mia sigaretta sta volgendo al termine. Ma deve resistere. Finita la sigaretta gli permetto di venire sui miei lussuriosi stivali. Ora non gli rimane che pulirli leccandoli con la sua lurida lingua…

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