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Reality Girls Scissors - Dacey's Scissor Domination (4K) - Young Mistress

Reality Girls Scissors - Dacey's Scissor Domination (4K) - Young Mistress
Dacey came in from the match here against Wimp saying whenever he got frustrated she just threw him in headscissors. Quickly here she takes his back and it's her rear naked choke turning him purple before she latches on to him with the bodyscissors that hurt his ribs last time; he can't be as aggressive here -- favoring them -- and Dacey goes right after them cranking on a brutal bodyscissors until he cries out in pain. A straight headscissors has him in a panic as she turns it over laughing at him prying at her legs saying "Oh, you're not getting out;" Dacey is quick; so is Wimp but she's stronger. Another RNC -- another combo hold as she laughs that he really still believes he's stronger than she is. "You're easy to overpower," she tells him matter-of-factly locking on a figure-four headscissors. A hard throatsit; she calls him "pathetic". He goes for her legs but she's always fast and hurts him again in a bodyscissors in which she tells him "You asked for this" before adding a guillotine and embarrassing the prideful wimp asking him how her armpit smells. Reverse headscissors; he yelps in pain as Dacey closes it down and celebrates his smashed face -- her headscissors owning him as she taunts him prying at her runway legs. He goes for his guard and she bodyscissors him again for it as he fights her from further hurting his ribs. He is wearing down under the pressure of her long legs. Another combo holds shows off the southern girl's skills. He is wrapped up; Dacey lets him go as he fights, clearly frustrated; but his head is quickly back in her legs; she spins and locks on a gymnastic flying bodyscissors that audibly moves a rib -- painful front headscissors with her sitting on his chest as still he tries to get out as she points out she's squeezing him so hard his ears are turning white. "You look just miserable down there," she says, her quad flexing. Dacey again goes for his ribs to hurt him; he cries and she laughs; he gains again but she rolls him with not much more than the power of her calves, locked around his midsection and she finishes him with another yelp over his ribs.

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