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emilek on Goddess Slaverna - Session 13 - Whipping and Caning
24 Jan, 2021

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23 Jan, 2021

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emilek on Lisa's Foot Humiliation Beatdown and Cock Milking! - Office Domination
19 Jan, 2021

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Reality Girls Scissors - Dragging Him In Headscissors (4K) - Ami - Mixed Wrestling

Reality Girls Scissors - Dragging Him In Headscissors (4K) - Ami - Mixed Wrestling

Ami — 20, tall and confident in her ability to use her array of submission holds to dominate the 5’1″ Micro Man. She stares her cold stare down at him as he taps on her solid thighs in standing headscissors. Her figure-four headscissors turn him deep colors as she cranks on the leverage and the pressure on the tiny guy. She rocks his neck, keeping the hold locked on a panicking Micro Man as her calf makes his eyes glaze over and her turning on her hip makes his jaw start to dislocate. Ami’s seated double-heel choke, which the beautiful girl is one of the best ever at using to panic and punish opponents. Standing guillotines have him hacking in her arms and her coldly drawing up again and again on the hold and his tiny body back up as he shakes and buckles — then dropping him at her feet. A perfect rear naked choke drops him to the mat. Ami has him purple so quickly in her volleyball, dancer legs, sounding as though he’s breathing through a straw, allowing him small breaths so she can hurt him again and again in the hold, locking it out into her straight headscissors that makes him gag from the pressure and tap, and tap; she stands over him shaking at her feet and asks “Can you handle more?” She lifts him off the ground in a guillotine, twisting his neck behind her back and smiling an evil smile as he starts shaking in her arms and his knees fail him. Ami’s guillotine is overpowering against a guy eight inches shorter than she is, though she seems to be trying to lengthen him pulling up on his spine as he cries out in pain and drops him again — a reverse standing double-eel choke as Ami shows off her versatility — seated guillotines — more overwhelming straight headscissors as the weak and tiny guy pitifully tries to pry her ankles apart before dragging him cruelly backwards in a figure-four headscissors, showing off her total physical control over the much smaller guy…

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