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Reality Girls Scissors - Gymnast Power Legs (4K) - Asian

Reality Girls Scissors - Gymnast Power Legs (4K) - Asian
Asia, the beautiful gymnast quickly has Billie purple on the ground in her legs -- gagging in her rear naked choke as she controls him. She rocks his neck and back in successive camel clutches and Japanese Holds. Her side figure-four headscissors dominates him -- turning him purple; impressing herself with the pain on his face as the smooth muscles of her legs fill in the gaps among his neck chin and throat. A hamstring choke that seems in honor of Mikaela -- one of the greatest ever who can make people tap with one hamstring flex. Straight headscissors from Asia -- she taunts him "Can you take it?" as she quads swell around his head. Throatscissors -- front hamstring chokes -- reverse headscissors look to almost pop his head off as she praises Billie for hanging in and not tapping before one blast changes things -- and another -- She locks on her gymnastic reverse figure-four headscissors popping eyes -- controls him in her rear naked choke that has him blue and purple. Rear naked chokes until he shakes. Camel clutches until he trembles in pain. She steps on him and pours power down into her brutal seated double-heel choke -- more reverse and side figure-four headscissors from hell for him and higher for lovers of the hold. She pours the power on and he suffers and yelps in it. A straight throatscissors has him wailing -- the pure strength of the elite athlete's legs as she again taunts him "Can you take it?" powering on straight headscissors that finish him.

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