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Reality Girls Scissors - The No Limit Knockout Queen - Four 1080 HD Knockouts - Scissor

Reality Girls Scissors - The No Limit Knockout Queen - Four 1080 HD Knockouts - Scissor

Straight headscissors, held long that punish Thin Man as she laughs at him. Her legs don’t get tired — it’s from all the years of ballet. She never gets tired of putting people out in her rear naked choke. She locks it on him here. A master at the hold, she smiles keeping him barley awake until, in an instant, he’s resting. She comforts him but Scar’s comfort is false but for the tiny bit of humanity in her. It’s what lets her victims live — that and the desire to say free. Otherwise people would be in more danger around her. She locks him right back in the RNC — taunting the noises he’s making. And then he’s out again. She moves him back into a headscissors and mocks him again. She makes no secret — she loves hurting him. Scarlet is a fighter away from the camera, recently shaking her head refusing to let a girl go at a party as she hung her in her rear naked. She loves using her arms to destroy but her legs and headscissors bring out the dots on foreheads. but she goes back to it on him here again — the rear naked — and puts him to rest the third time. “it’s OK — you’re in a safe place,” she says, then just cranks it right back on after he says he’s OK. More long and punishing headscissors. Then Scarlet Hart, in off-the-charts cruelty puts him back in another rear naked choke and because it’s a mission in her life — she puts him to rest — again.

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