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Henrik on Danish Femdom - Miss sofies fantasies - Femdom
15 May, 2021

Thank you :-)...
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Robyns First Shoelicker

Robyns First Shoelicker

My friend Robyn can't believe that I own slaves now. And get PAID 2 be WORSHIPPED and walk all over these losers. So I invited her over 2 Mean Girl Manor 2 show her. She is just like "OMG" the whole time! LOL! And I make a loser crawl out of its cage n PAY my friend 2 lick the DIRT off the soles of her shoes. She can't believe it and laughs her ass off at him. And I make sure he gets the bottoms of her shoes REEALLY clean too. We laugh about how I put him on a street corner 2 beg 4 that money- and now he is just handing it over to her just to lick the dort off the BOTTOM OF HER SHOES. She can't believe we can just laugh in his face n tell him he's pathetic- and he STILL pays her and licks the bottoms of her shoes!

Then we get really mean and "taboo". lol. We talk about taking the slave for a walk - naked and on a leash on all fours like a DAWGG - and taking my friends real-life dawgg along with us... n her dawgg is reeeaally HORNY... LOL! We tell the slave that it has to let her dawgg do WHATEVER it wants 2 him! LOL! And we`re going to FILM it 4 YOUTUBE!

-Domina Rodea

Keywords: Footworship, Shoelicking

687 mb
11 min

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