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Sado-Ladies - Luxury Heels Training - Shoe Worship

Sado-Ladies - Luxury Heels Training - Shoe Worship

Gorgeous cruel mistress empress victoria is here today with her naked slave in the torture room. She relaxes a lil bit on a couch looking phantastic with snakeprint tight leggings and on her supersexy naked feet she wears superexpensive italian designer stilettos (the red sole indicates how expensive these shoes are as it was a sign for quality even several years ago…).

She teases him with these supersexy heels holding them tight to his face. And maybe he is ordered sometimes to lick the heels. But those heels are also perfect to inflict some pain! “So lets see what your nipples are doing slave!” She says and starts to dig the sharp heel deeply into his nipples. The slave starts to moan, but this encouraging the cruel goddess only to continue. She also stomps on his stomach with the heel before he is ordered again to go on with licking! Wonderful training for a lousy slave, below the heels of his cruel owner!

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6 min



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