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Sarah DiAvola - Christian Counseling

Sarah DiAvola - Christian Counseling
I've seen you and your wife together for some sessions, and now I'd like to work one on one with each of you. Privately.You are having trouble in the bedroom, and you want to handle it in a god-fearing way. Your marriage is suffering, because you haven't lied together in months and you can't figure out why. I think there's something deeper there that you're not sharing.In my vast experience, I've found that many men are so afraid of telling their wives what sexually arouses them, that they keep it in and gradually disconnect in the bedroom. I wonder if that's happening here, dear parishioner.Usually, it's a fetish. Do you know what that is?When you are with your wife, do you have an overwhelming urge to put your penis between her feet, or to put her toes in your mouth? Do you struggle to maintain an erection without fantasizing about feet? Well, I'm here to tell you that this is quite normal. Does the sight of my feet, in these high heels, arouse you?You've suppressed this erotic urge for so long, you're not sure how you would even begin to introduce it to the bedroom. Heck, the very notion of telling your wife about any of this is downright terrifying!I have some ideas on how you can smoothly blend this into your marriage bed. It's been so long since you've had an orgasm, hasn't it?Here, take my feet out of my heels and rub them. I can feel some of the tension just begging to leave your breath. I can feel the firmness inside your jeans. You are flustered. You're an honorable Christian man. But it's been so long... and you've never, ever been allowed to worship feet. And here they are, right in your hands. Right in your lap.Kiss them. Let yourself release that tension. Close your eyes and give in. I can feel your manhood awakening, as you fall before me.I take your cock out of your jeans and tell you that this is for the good of your marriage. I'm showing you how to introduce this to your wife. But we are not going to tell her about this. It's our little - well, huge - secret.Before you know it, your penis is between my beautiful soft feet and thrusting like it's the end of days. You're fully naked, in front of God, betraying your vows so you can finally fuck your wife. You've never been this erect in your life, and you've finally found what you've been aching for. I decide that, while I do want to repair your marriage, I want to keep seeing you. I charge a lot for my services, and regular customers keep me in business. I'm going to double my hourly rate with you, and you will pay it - because the methods will continue to work, and I will keep teaching you things to do with your lawfully wedded wife. Alone. You will pay whatever I ask, because I'm taking you all the way and if your wife discovers what we are doing here, it will be the scarlet letter for you. Adultery. Divorce. Shame. If you really want to please your wife, you'll please me first. It's been so long that you're unable to say no to me, and I slip your cock into my pussy while my feet stroke your shaft. That's when I tell you about the rate hike.Let me demonstrate how to fuck with feet, my good man, from worshiping them with your mouth, to having your cock stroked by them, to feeling them up while your cock is inside of me, to cumming all over their soles. As holy penance, you will lick your seed from my feet after you've painted them white.Featuring Alrik Angel
Sarah DiAvola - Christian Counseling
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