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Savage Bullwhips By An Unmerciful Mistress


"I use a full, sidearm swing of the whip to mark the back of my slave with vivid stripes, then twirl it overhead for momentum and lash him again, harder. Alternating, I crack the whip across his back with and without twirling, repeatedly, and watch the color rise in his skin. He tries not to cry out, but it is impossible. With each powerful stroke, he fills the dungeon with audible evidence of my ability to cause excruciating pain.

I have the heaviest metal nipple clamps of any dominatrix; not all men can stand the weight and tightness of the pinching on their sensitive nipples. I pause in my whipping and put these clamps on my slave, the steel chain that connects them yanking downward even more. Then I whip his back with my special brand of expertise: The lash wraps around his side and stings already painful teats! I double the bastard’s suffering."

Asian Mistress Takanori

109 mb
8 min


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