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Savage Soles - Kaia Callous' Savage Soles Debut! (1080 HD) - Young Mistress

Savage Soles - Kaia Callous' Savage Soles Debut! (1080 HD) - Young Mistress

Rising star, mean girl model and 20-year-old beauty with adorable dimples, Kaia Callous debuts at Savage Soles, which, as the name intends, exists for true cruelty. Kaia Callous has that with a multiplier from hell. Kaia is addicted to causing pain. A true beauty with no facial gift denied her, as many greats, Kaia compartmentalizes. And in one of her compartments, a demon lives. Charles is her demon’s foot-gagging whore here, the hot girl ramming her big right foot down his throat early making him gag. She is on the chair off the mat and foot gags him, kneeling at her, until he is facing the ceiling. The sadist bitch is jack-hammer gagging him from above and getting down from the chair by stepping on his throat. Kaia is fucking mean. Some people like arts and crafts. She likes hurting people, a lot. Another foot gag. Her long soles dive into his throat. She him on his knees in front of her, wraps a necktie behind his neck and fucks his throat, laughing. Kaia Callous has her name for a reason. She rips at his throat close in; her hands entwined with the tie. Kaia screams here at him again "Open!" as he rolls in illness and tears spill; violet heaving and awful nausea are his from her too. The response from the sadist with the Hollywood face: She orders him to "Suck on my foot" and makes Charles projectile puke he is too sick to have followed her orders. A sick bucket is brought out as Kaia foot gags him on his knees before her. She makes him lie down and buries her foot down his throat again this girl with her sometimes vacant and sometimes evil eyes that can light as sunshine seemingly at will. He bucks and kicks and throws-up in his mouth with her still jamming her foot in his throat and looking evil above him; Kaia allows him a break. Back on his knees before her, she kicks him hard in the face, face slaps him; taunts him. Kaia Callous is a mean bitch. Just the little things she says to people go through their souls. Hard facebusting floors him. On the mat, she locks on a beautiful double-heel choke. She rubs his face and slaps it and stretches his neck cords in an incredible side-throat stand. Throatstanding him -- she tells him is his fault for complaining about foot gagging and kicks his face, hard, again digging her toes into his throat until he taps. , unrelenting pain. heel chokes and face slaps and he is on his mat looking up at her. feet slaps across the face -- one knocks the big man back with her cheerleader legs. She tells him to turn around and destroys his energy with ankle scissors that make him scream. The 5'8” girl can hurt people with so many parts of her incredible body including her big, dexterous feet. More vicious facebusting -- a standing double-heel choke. She is clearly breaking him but her eyes now are evil. A standing calf-choke. She looks down at him, calls him "pathetic" mocks his agony sounds and tells him "You know; You make me sick." He screams "Please!" as she pours on her seated double-ankle choke and beats his face violently with her feet until he is bobbing and again begging "Please!" in quick succession. Her response: making him crawl to her chair and facebusting him, screaming at him "Get up!" as one kick to the center of his huge head from the 20-year-old stunner puts him down - owned here by one of the meanest girls in the world, the rising star Kaia Callous.

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