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Savage Soles - Slave Blows A Foot (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

Savage Soles - Slave Blows A Foot (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

The divinely gorgeous Celestial sits. Her black top and red school girl skirt pop against the off-white chair. "Bring that ass Charles." The unlucky sub kneels before her big black Doc Martens. "Lick my boot." Celestial commands him. "THE BOTTOM" She looks down at him, unimpressed so far. Her gaze remains on the scene unfolding in front of her. She looks disgusted with him while he licks the remains of wherever the curly-haired sadist last tread, from her boot sole. Celestial orders the sub to lay on the ground where she digs her boot into his gut before making him lick the bottom again. Ready for more, she makes Charles remove her boot revealing a black, fishnet ankle sock which she has Charley take off with his teeth. - If not for the expression on her face, one wouldn't be able to tell that she had never foot-gagged someone until this day. - Her soles wrinkle up in her deep arch and she rips past her sub's mouth, filling his throat with her toes. Charles gags, his breathing quickens. "Yeah that's right." When we see her face again the expression has completely changed. Celestial is obviously pleased with herself and wants to see just how much Charles can take for her. She leaves her toes in his throat making him take it for as long as he can. He wretches, lips still closed tight around the hottie's perfect foot. "Suck it like a dick" Celestial knows what she wants and she gets it. He bobs, she pulls her foot out of his mouth abruptly. Drool drips to the floor and her toes shine, covered in the sub's spit. She has him remove the other boot and commands him to remove another fishnet sock with his teeth. He struggles with this, irritating the angelic beauty and consequently ends up gagging on fishnet wrapped toes. He grunts, eyelids fluttering, breathing heavily from his nose. Celestial's calves flex and she pushes her toes deeper past his uvula. "Wider! You like this!" A friendly reminder that he likes what she tells him to like. Her foot angles at the arch, the top half engulfed entirely behind Charles' cherry-pink face. She smacks him in the face; verbally humiliating him while steadily plungering his mouth. Slowly she pulls her foot from his mouth. Her toes bring strings of drool along with them. he removes her other sock and is rewarded with a kick. She face fucks him with her other bare foot. Plunging deep into his gullet and occasionally stopping to wipe spit all over his face. She holds his hands pulling him into her foot, turning him red. His eyes water as she pushes hard into his esophagus. He nearly vomits and collapses. A savage end to Celestial's first foot-gag.

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