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ScissorVixens - SVDL-1267 - Never Keep Me Waiting (1080 HD) - Wrestling & Scissor

ScissorVixens - SVDL-1267 - Never Keep Me Waiting (1080 HD) - Wrestling & Scissor

GORGEOUS but highly skilled fitness session wrestler, Sheena, returns to teach one of our long-time victims, Dante, a lesson about being late!

The plan was for a different scenario but when Dante couldn't seem to get to our shoot within an acceptable time beyond what we had scheduled, and with Sheena having a session immediately after our shoot, it was time to step back and let an annoyed Sheena do her thing!

"You are late!", she verbally scolds him once he finally manages to show up to the shoot then before poor Dante even knew what happened...Sheena grabs his head and tosses him to the floor like a rag doll without any stuffing!

She then clamps on a vicious side-neck scissors that whips Dante sideways knocking over one of our video lights in the process!

We had to stop filming at that point to pick up the light and decided to formally introduce Dante to Sheena before continuing on with the filming!

After Dante tried to gain some composure following Sheena's rather rough introduction...we got the camera rolling again and so did Sheena and her SCISSORS!

The first video we shot with Sheena she wore a sexy, but somewhat, unrevealing black leotard and black tights.

Oh sure, without question anyone could tell Sheena's thighs were packed with muscle just by looking at her muscular curves underneath the dark fabric! But in this video, Sheena is wearing only a sexy green leotard that leaves no doubt that her thighs have some serious CRUSHING POWER!

Our first victim in her debut ScissorVixen video told us his jaw was sore for weeks and now it was Dante's turn to find out why!

Off camera and in person, Sheena is a calm, laid-back and very nice person but once you square off with her and her mission is clear...tear your opponent apart...there is nothing laid-back about how she goes about doing just that!

Sheena's thighs really show off their EXPLOSIVE POWER while bulging around his neck, head and body as she applies one PUNISHING scissor hold after the other!

Dante is determined not to tap-out but that's when Sheena takes it up another notch by scissoring him across his neck and begins to incorporate some creative smothering techniques restraining his arms with her legs while sitting on his face sideways!

And when it comes to breath-robbing foot-chokes that are every bit as lethal as her leg scissors...no one does it better than Sheena!

It's not long before Dante has to eventually submit to Sheena's relentless superiority which only fuels Sheena to keep the PRESSURE on and on and on in 'Never Keep Me Waiting!'.

**Note: As an added bonus, we also included a short 4 minute interview with Sheena, after the shoot, that we are sure you will enjoy as well!**

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