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Garry on Mean World - Mean Dungeon - Mean Bitches - The Power of Paisley
17 Jan, 2021

Hello. Fixed. Thanks you for reqest...
janatan on Mean World - Mean Dungeon - Mean Bitches - The Power of Paisley
17 Jan, 2021

Hi, link is dead, looks like agian...
janatan on Young Goddess Kim - Used Abused Amused - Female Domination
12 Jan, 2021

Thanks :) it's really good stuff, Y...

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Slaves' Nite Out

American Mean Girls

“This was just shot on Halloween night and I made My web-slave put it up ASAP. I ordered 2 of them to go out and get random girls to abuse them in public on halloween night, since that’s the one night of the year that you could probably get away with it- and film it for My store (and entertainment!) LOL! I dressed one of them up as Mitt Romney (since they were going out to a VERY “liberal” area on Halloween, it was sure to get him hurt…lol.) and I put a tee-shirt on the other one that said he was a Welcome Matt. (“Mitt & Matt”- I love it!) 🙂 Anyway, they didn’t get abused alot (women in our society are waaay to nice to men, IMO!) but the Welcome Matt did get stepped on, and “Mitt” got not only kicked, but also kneed, and PUNCHED right in the balls by a REALLY mean girl that is obviously an Obama supporter! HAHAHA!!!! A very short clip and not as abusive as I would like, but still very entertaining nontheless! And COMPLETELY REAL!!!”

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DMCA removed

30 Jan 2013

Thanks for all your uploads.
Are all your posts from now on going to be for premium filepost users?

    30 Jan 2013

    Not all yet, only pic-sets and short movie.

      31 Jan 2013

      why? cant u make them free for all? i bet there are alot without premiums accounts.

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