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Sophie Shox - Go Gay For Miztress - Make Me Bi

Sophie Shox - Go Gay For Miztress - Make Me Bi
Today I did it doggystyle. No, not that kind. Nothing is ever that simple or vanilla with me. When I say doggystyle, I mean I had two pathetic little slaves, in little doggy masks at my disposal to do with as I pleased.
A good doggy worships it's owner, and these two mongrel pups gave in to their natural instinct to worship and obey instantly. Both of them desperate for attention from me, jerking their little dicks to me like horny pups humping a leg.
But, like I said, nothing with me is ever that vanilla. I realised that instead of jerking their own dicks, why aren't they jerking each other off? I knew neither of them were bisexual or gay, and I knew they'd do ANYTHING to please me, so watch me ORDER them to grab each others cocks and go bi for Miztress.
Obviously I can't leave it at that! You didn't think I'd make them suck each others dicks? Of course I did! With one guy eating my pussy with the other guy eats his cock, I think they realized they were officially bi, my little pet Doggyfags.
I wanted to spice things up a bit, so I decided to let one of the Doggyfags sit back with I climbed on top and fucked him while the other little Doggyfag watched. I ordered the one who was watching to lick the Doggy who was fucking me's balls, and to my surprise, he refused! I think I had broken him, he sat there with his little doggy dick going soft, but still desperately jerking it to try and please me.
I wasn't pleased, I was quite annoyed. So I sat back and teased them while they jacked off, then I ordered the doggy who refused to lick balls to get on his knees so the other doggy could give him a nice facial.
So, with cum all over his face, ashamed for not being able to follow orders, I left him there and walked away. 
And THAT'S how Miztress does it Doggystyle!

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