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Stay Home Cucky

Stay Home Cucky

Princess Carmela and her stud boyfriend are all dressed up and ready 2 goout 4 New Years Eve. They are sitting on the couch together, gettingsome last drinks in before they head out 4 their night of fun. Theirpathetic slave kneels before them awaiting his next command. Princess Carmela is sipping a cocktail n realizes that her boyfriend has finishedhis beer. "Loser, stop looking at me n go n fetch my boyfriend anotherbeer!" she yells at the slave, who immediately jumps up 2 fetch a freshbeer 4 her boyfriend.

After the slave has handed the beer 2 her boyfriend, Princess Carmela looks down at the slave with utter disgust and contempt. "U disgust meso much u fucking freak, the fact that there are ugly people like youwho are so pathetic that they would serve me AND my boyfriend is sofucking hilarious", Princess Carmela says as her and her boyfriend laugh. "Ok, so we are going out tonight 2 a fabulous restaurant and then to oneof the most exclusive clubs in the city where only the hottest people getin, because well, duh, look at us, we are perfect", she says as she pullsher boyfriend in 4 a quick kiss. "Real men like him get to actually datewomen like me, while faggots like u get 2 lick the bottoms of my shoesclean before i go out with my man", Princess Carmela explains as shepresents the filthy bottoms of her high heels 2 the slave n orders himto lick.

After a while, they begin 2 make-out with each other while the slave hasto continue licking her shoe bottoms. While they are kissing each other Carmela looks at the slave and says "Tonight at midnight, i'll be kissing my man, but guess what i want u 2 do? I want u to be in our bathroomon your knees, kissing our toilet seat during the NYE countdown!". Princess' Carmela's boyfriend loves the idea and cannot believe someone ispathetic enough to spend New Years Eve kissing a toilet seat! After awhile, both Princess Carmela and her boyfriend inspect the bottoms of hershoes and decide that it is clean (it has 2 pass inspection from her BFas well).

The slave thinks he is finished but that is far from the truth. Princess Carmela looks down at him again and says, "Now, obviously the privilege serving me ALSO means serving my hot boyfriend who is so much better andhotter than u". The slave is horrified as Princess Carmela literally makes the slave tell her boyfriend that he is hot and a real man unlikehim. They both laugh in his face as Princess Carmela orders the loser tolick the bottoms of her boyfriend's shoes as well, saying that they need 2 look just as good as hers. The slave begs not to be made 2 do thedegrading act but soon realizes he has no choice as he reluctantly begins 2 drag his tongue up and down the filthy bottoms of her boyfriend's boots. They both laugh hysterically (especially Carmela). She even grabs the loser by the hair to hold its head in place so her boyfriend can drag the sole of his filthy boot down over n over across the losers tongue- like a rag that he is wiping his boot on. OMG, that is the grossest thing I've ever seen! Ewwww", Carmela yells. The couple cannot get over how pathetic it is as they soon start making outagain as the slave continues 2 lick the bottoms of her boyfriend's shoes. The slave winces in disgust as he does it, but knows he must get them clean. After a while, when they are both satisfied, Carmela just simply shoves its head away from her boyfriends boot with her foot.

The couple are about to leave 4 their date, when Princess Carmela remembers she wanted 2 show her boyfriend what else she can make this pathetic asshole do. She orders the slave 2 fetch her hairspray bottle. The slave runs 2 fetch the hairspray and hands it 2 Carmela. "Watch this babe, we can literally make him do anything", she says as shesprays hairspray in the slave's mouth. Her boyfriend cannot believe hiseyes as they both laugh hysterically. "OMG, i have the best idea, whydon't u have a go babe?", she says as she hands the bottle 2 her boyfriend. The slave is almost crying at this point, as he opens his mouth 4 her boyfriend. Her boyfriend sprays more hairspray into the slave's mouth and the couple cannot believe how low the slave has sunk "U justlet a guy spray fucking hairspray in your mouth, OMG!", she says, clearly shocked n abused.

They share some last minute making-out before telling the slave that hewill need 2 lick the dirt off the tires n rims of her boyfriend's car when they get back. Princess Carmela makes the slave kiss her shoes and her boyfriend's shoes goodbye. The slave runs 2 open the door 4 them as they head out fortheir night of New Year's celebrations

- Princess Carmela

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