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Step-Mommy Knows Best - Femme Fatale Executrix Smother Frenzy

Step-Mommy Knows Best - Femme Fatale Executrix Smother Frenzy
I've hired sultry massuese Reagan Lush to give massages to my clients. Of course the massage routine is just a facade and I'm using the male Suave as bait to cover up my plans to nab Reagan. When Reagan arrives Suave is already laying down waiting for his massage. Unbeknownst to me or Suave, Reagan is no ordinary masseuse - she is a cruel executrix. She begins with the massage making small talking with him. The male likes her strong massage and after some moments she comes slowly on his face smothering him with her ass as she smiles saying "nighty-night my poor victim, Hehe" and she lets him suffer gasping for air. When she let him breath she asks him for his money but he refuses to tell her where it is so she continuous facesitting and reverse face sitting him as he kicks and struggles to breathe. I enter from behind and press a wet rag over Reagan's pretty face until she goes on the floor. Then quickly tie her up and a ballgag into her mouth silencing her. Suave hops Reagan into the bedroom where I finish tying her tightly. I instruct Suave to watch over Reagan but as soon as I leave the room Reagan uses her seductive powers offering him twice the pay and lots of sex. Suave melts like butter and releases Reagan from her bondage. When I come back the sultry blonde ambushes me from behind using a plastic bag to take my breath. Reagan pins me on the bed and the male helper keeps my legs and arms down while Reagan has cruel fun to squeeze the plastic bag When I am finally breathless Reagan shoves me into a box and starts to work on Suave. When he gets close to Reagan who sits on the bed with sexy wide spread legs she pulls his face deep and wraps her legs around his head to press his face deeper in her crotch. The male is really in a breathtaking trap and Reagan has fun to let him short out and then to press his face again. Then she facesits and reverse facesits him very slowly with cruel fun then decides now that she wants to have her climax on her victim showing how mighty she is. Reagan laughs as she pulls his face and begins to ride the face for her climax. Reagan screams as she cums all over his suffering face ...
Step-Mommy Knows Best - Femme Fatale Executrix Smother Frenzy
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 2,42 GB | 00:24:28
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