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Testicle Transportation

Testicle Transportation

Ok, honestly, We saw this slave-chariot thing on another C4S store n just HAD 2 have one at Mean Girl Manor! So we made one of our slaves build it 4 us. Haha We love making slaves actually BUILD their own devices of torture that We will just use 2 HURT them with! Haha SO demoralizing... Anyway, We call this thing Our “testicle chariot” LOL! And it is SO much fun!! We tie one end of a rope 2 the chariot and the other end around a slaves BALLS- and then make it PULL US throughout Mean Girl Manor! And of course we HAVE 2 whip it to make it go FASTER 4 us! At first we take turns, then we BOTH get on n make it pull us BOTH! (Who CARES how hard it is on the slaves balls? Its a SLAVE. We can do whatever we WANT with it!) And it keeps getting stuck on rugs and stuff in the clip- so what does that mean? That just means we need 2 whip it HARDER 2 make it GO!! LOL

Keywords: CBT, Princess Cindi

608 mb
10 min

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