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Garry on The English Mansion - Mistress Karina - Pimpstress' Trashy Whore - Complete Movie
30 Jun, 2022

Fixed. Thanks you for request....
Pllkk on Sin Sisters - Single tail whipping exercise (Mistress Karino & Melisande Sin)
29 Jun, 2022

Lord goddess Maria Full clips...
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The Mean Girls - American Mean Girls - Princess Barb - Get A Job For My Boyfriend

The Mean Girls - American Mean Girls - Princess Barb - Get A Job For My Boyfriend
This is probably the hottest financial domination clip We have ever filmed!
Princess Barb has decided that that the slave that she is using as her main source of income is not providing her with enough money, even though he gives her everything- just for the privilege of masturbating to her beauty once a month. She has called him to kneel before her during his monthly masturbation session while she sits on her throne and explains to him that she has decided to increase her demands of him. She currently takes his entire paycheck and has him living on the street- but that is no longer enough. You see, Her boyfriend has now found out where she gets all her money from! (Even though she never works, she always had money and he started asking questions...so she had to explain to him that she has some loser that works a full-time jib FOR her- and his paychecks are direct-deposited into HER account. So the LOSER works, and SHE gets paid for it! Anyway her BF thought it was HILARIOUS and they both had a good laugh about it...
So Barb Wire casually explains to the loser that she is now COMMANDING him to get a SECOND job- for her boyfriend so he doesnt have to work anymore either. And the paycheck from this 2nd full-time job will be direct-deposited into her BOYFRIEND'S bank account! And she will NOT let him cum until he agrees to her demands!
"You don't need to rest! You are a SLAVE- all you should do is WORK! You will go from job #1 to job #2, and then BACK to job #1 over and over again! We don't care about you! We just want to relax and extract as much $$$ out of you as possible!!!"
The Mean Girls - American Mean Girls - Princess Barb - Get A Job For My Boyfriend
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 873,52 MB | 00:10:00
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