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Garry on Marie Kaefer - Chastity Vlog - Day 004 - Handjob
29 Nov, 2020

Hi Emilek. I also believe that the...
emilek on Marie Kaefer - Chastity Vlog - Day 004 - Handjob
18 Nov, 2020

Hello Garry! ... Greetings....

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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Mistress Dandy - Turkey Hunt (4K) - Public Humiliation

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Mistress Dandy - Turkey Hunt (4K) - Public Humiliation

It’s Thanksgiving!!!! You know what that means Right? We need a big fat turkey for our Mean Girl Thanksgiving celebration!!!

I had everything all planned out so I could surprise Mistress Dandy, (one of our newest Mean Girls,) with an exciting day she would never forget. I made one of my slaves take me to the sporting good store where I picked out the best paintball guunn and then I made it purchase it for us. When I met Miss Dandy over at the desert compound she had no idea what I had in store for her. LOL!

I was so excited to tell Miss Dandy About our pre Thanksgiving plans that I could hardly contain myself.

Once Miss Dandy arrived we were hanging out on the couch and I was trying to act like nothing was up. Hahaha! It is hard for me to pretend anything. Once she asked about my Thanksgiving plans I had to tell her.

I noticed Miss Dandy seemed a little hesitant when I told her we were going turkey hunting. I guess that’s normal for someone who has never shot a guunn before and she was worried about hurting an actual animaaal. Lol! I had to put her mind at ease so I brought her down to show her the turkey I had caged up all week, saving it just for today.

When I informed Miss Dandy that it was a BIG TURKEY I don’t think she believed me so when I showed her our 300+ pound turkey she was laughing so hard. Plus I was right, as soon as Miss Dandy laid her eyes on our big fat, prize winning turkey she was no longer worried about shooting or hurting it. Miss Dandy’s eye’s instantly lit up with excitement!!!

I took Miss Dandy out back and taught her how to shoot a paintball guunn. Once I felt like she had the hang of it we let that turkey loose. We each took turns shooting it over and over till it was done! This big fat turkey had no more fight eft in it.

I definitely think Miss Dandy’s first hunting experience was a success! We will definitely have to go hunting more often. Now we need our slaves to prep this turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner party.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mean Girls!!!

Goddess Platinum

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