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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Mule Fucker (1080 HD) - Fetish

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Mule Fucker (1080 HD) - Fetish

Goddess Platinum is getting ready for a hot date with one of her stud fucktoys. Tonight she is going to treat him to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant- but of course, she isn't going to be the one paying for it!

She snaps her fingers and simply calls out "WALLET!!"- and her human wallet comes crawling out of her shoe closet, wallet literally in its teeth, ready for its Goddess's use. Its Goddess grabs its wallet out of its teeth, laughs in it face, and takes ALL of its $$$ out. She tells her wallet-slave that she officially renamed it "Wallet" because that is ALL it is to her! Then she tells it that she plans on using all of its cash tonight to pay for her expensive date with her fuck-toy...AND she is even going to tell her fuck-toy about how the money she is using to pay their bill came from her loser "wallet slave"! She LOVES telling all her fuck-studs about her ownership of slaves because it always gives them a good laugh over dinner.

The wallet slave is TOTALLY humiliated and doesn't want his Goddess's "fuck studs" to actually know about how she uses him and how badly she treats him. But it has no choice. It is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Goddess Platinum's perfect feet.

Not to mention, Goddess Platinum keeps his cock locked in chastity 24/7 and then stores him in her shoe closet- surrounded by all her gorgeous, sexy shoes! It is ecstasy and pure all at the same time! And Goddess knows that if he is left in there, sniffing the insides of her shoes while locked in chastity for a few weeks, the foot-freak "wallet" will agree to ANYTHING and put up with her treating him however she wants!

But the foot-freak wallet slave is now BROKEN hearing his Goddess talk about how she is going to "fuck the brains" out of her stud tonight- after treating him to an expensive dinner using her SLAVE'S money! And Goddess Platinum looks SO amazing dressed in her black pantyhose while she does her makeup in the mirror and mocking him....

The wallet slave begins to pathetically sob and literally BEG to be let out of its chastity- even if just for a few minutes!!! Goddess eventually agrees...but she is SO cruel and enjoys her slaves sooo much- both physically and mentally!

Goddess agrees to release the slave from chastity ONLY IF it will also pay for her vacation with one of her other fuck-studs!! Goddess slowly pulls her perfect foot out of her shoe and dangles the slave's chastity key on her ankle chain in front of the the foot-freak wallet slave- it is quickly broken down even FURTHER and agrees!! It is sooo easy for Goddess Platinum to break a foot-freak and turn it into a useful wallet slave...

Goddess commands the slave to get its "foot humper stool" and stands upon it. She casually lifts the heel of her perfect foot and gives permission to her foot-freak wallet to insert its cock underneath the arch of her foot. Then she presses down with her foot- and commands it to "FUCK!" Adding that the slave needs to "KEEP ITS WALLET IN ITS TEETH WHILE IT FUCKS" her foot! This is done to mentally reinforce its status as nothing more than an OBJECT for Goddess to USE. It is a WALLET- it is NOT a human to her!

The wallet is then fourced to hump the sole of his Goddess's foot while she is stil wearing her shoe, and its wallet is clenched in its teeth. The entire time, Goddess Platinum mocks it for being this pathetic that the "highlight of its day" is humping her shoe, basically. No REAL MAN would ever do this. But the slave humps away at his Goddess's foot and shoe until he is FINALLY allowed to cum! (After literally BEGGING for its Goddess's permission!)

Goddess laughs in its face as she holds her shoe and makes her "wallet slave" shoot its pathetic load inside of her shoe. Then she destroys the slave's ego even MORE by letting the wallet's cum slowly run down into the toe of her shoe- and laughing as she tells the slave that she is going to WEAR the shoe on her date ust like that- with her wallet slave's cum down in the toe of her shoe, squishing between her toes!!

She laughs in the wallet's face, telling it that is all its cum is worth to her! All those little sperm will be desperately swimming around in between her toes, deep down inside her shoe - a perfect embodiment of the fool that produced them - while she is sitting at the table, making out with her REAL MAN fuck-stud!

Then she locks the wallet's cock back up and shoves it back into the closet so it can wallow in its shame as she is out on her date, spending its money! If it is lucky, she may even send it a text while she is on her date, just to remind it of how pathetic it is- as her wallet lays there, surrounded by her shoes with its cock all locked up again!

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16 min

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