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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber - Slave On The Run (4K) - Whipping

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber - Slave On The Run (4K) - Whipping

Sometimes my slaves just get broken. I beat them daily, take all their money, work them to d3th, and basically just treat them like absolute garbage- because that is what they are to me, quite honestly. But that’s what they are FOR, right? They exist for me to USE. If I treat them like garbage, so what?

But sometimes they just BREAK- and run. And when that happens, me and Amber need to go track them down, bring them back, and TEACH THEM A LESSON SO THEY NEVER RUN AGAIN. We have all our house slaves fitted with sub-dermal tracking chips, so it’s not hard to find them.

This one ran to his old abandoned RV in the desert. Fucking pathetic. I knew he would be there even without the tracking device. We find him curled up on the floor like a little runaway puppee. We drag him off to the punishment compound and string him up from the ceiling for his “retraining”…

We start by feeding him some nasty-ass dawgfood. You want to run away like a dawg? Ok, we will feed you like one! And OMFG this stuff is nasty…the slave can barely keep it down. Which just makes us laugh. Because the slave knows what will happen if it spits it up!

Then I put a dawg shock-collar on its NECK and its BALLS! You want to run away like a dawg? Ok, we will SHOCK the sht out of you until you learn better! Then me n Amber have fun making this old geezer slave DANCE for us by taking turns cranking up the juice and BOTH of us sending electricity through his old body! Neck, balls, neck, balls…until he is dancing around like a fool and BEGGING us to stop! (While we just LAUGH and turn up the voltage!!)

Then we get out the whips… You want to run away like a whipped puppee? Ok, we will whip you to SHREDS then! (Oh, and we make sure to whip his LEGS to SHREDS so he will never run again!!)

I am thinking about having these ballshocking devices literally surgically implanted INSIDE my slaves’ scrotums so I can send massive, crippling voltages to their testicles at the push of a button on my iPhone…and literally drop them to their knees from anywhere in the world. And to get away, the slave would have to literally cuutt the device out of its own ballsac! HAHAHAHA

Goddess Platinum

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