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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Trampling My New Pet Ginger (1080 HD) - Female Domination

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Trampling My New Pet Ginger (1080 HD) - Female Domination

In these times of trouble, We’re doing Our part by taking action that everyone can agree upon. Trampling a Ginger, because Ginger’s Ain’t Got No Soul….. !!!!!!! LMFAO, and yes that was sarcasm loser, I wouldn’t give a fuck whether it had a soul or not, I’d trample the thing and do what I wanted with it regardless…

So this pathetic but oh so submissive thing showed up at the Manor during one of Our latest “slave tryouts” begging to be used and abused to be allowed to be a part of Our lives… after stripping it down….. OMG EWWWwwwww… Carpet does match the drapes… and putting it on a leash, I dragged it up to My office to do the paperwork making it legally binding that it was My bitch for the day, the I laid it down, restrained the ugly thing, and took to teaching it what it means to be a Mean Girl’s Bitch…… HAHAHAHAHAHA…

We don’t fuck around loser… it isn’t a game…. you don’t get to come visit, pretend you think We might actually be interested in you or your pathetic, needy, weak beta ass, and hang out at the Manor and be Our friends… We do what We want, and so in this instance, that means lay your ugly weird fucking balding ass ginger bitch self down and let Me Step All the Fuck Over you loser…

And that’s exactly what I do with this freak… digging My bright red Jimmy Choo’s into this pasty, disgusting, soul-less freak, and laughing as it made the most bizarre and humorlessly painful noises as it struggled beneath the spiked heels. Watch as I just laugh at how pathetic this thing is as I step all over it and remind it exactly where it belongs as long as it is at the Manor; below Mean Girl Feet… (even if We happen to be wearing spiked stiletto heels that We value more highly than your life loser…. ) Bwhahahahahaaa…. but too bad, soooo sad… I’ll just step up and all over you just like I do this worthless ginger, and keep going until it is whining so constantly, and begging so repetitively, for Me to stop that I stop to consider it for a moment….

Ummmmm…. No, Fuck you loser….. hahahahahaaaaa…..

I don’t care about You, I do care about breaking in these heels because I don’t want them digging in on Me when I’m out with an Alpha….. but around a beta bitch boys like you of course the only place you’ll be is under them….

Watch the little loser ginger get destroyed, and imagine it’s you loser… that’s the closest you’ll ever get to actually being beneath My perfect feet bitch boy….


Goddess Platinum

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