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The Mean Girls - Princess Alexandria - Worship Her Perfect Size Eights (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

The Mean Girls - Princess Alexandria - Worship Her Perfect Size Eights (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

**This clip was originally released within the video "Introducing the Brand New Princess Alexandria (Full First Shoot)" as one of four clips contained within video highlighting Her initial day shooting and slaves at the Mean Girl Manor. This clip is now available for the first time on it's own. Please note, if you previously purchased "Introducing the Brand New Princess Alexandria" you already have this clip**

After enduring a vicious ballbusting moments earlier, this slave finally got its reward. To taste the perfect delicious feet that destroyed its balls, and to thank the perfect Princess they are attached to. Alexandria walks into the Throne Room at the Mean Girl Manor dragging the slave behind her on a leash. As she steps on its back to lift herself to the throne, she giggles at how pathetic the slave is. She watches as it begs to be allowed to remove her boots and worship her perfect feet.

She teases and denies the thing, making it beg and plead further for its only reward. After she's satisfied with its pleading, she allows it to remove her sharp spiked stilleto boots. The loser is in Heaven as it immediately sniffs the light aroma of foot sweat from her flawless toes. She laughs more at how addicted to feet the thing is before using its tongue as a cleaning device for her soles.

She places it on its back and shoves her feet in its face, into its mouth, and eventually fully into its throat, gagging the loser on the object of its addiction. You can see the loser is lost in a heady space worshipping a Princess who cares nothing about it and who only minutes before was repeatedly using these same two feet it is now professing to love, to kick the loser's balls fully into its throat.

Watch this final clip from Princess Alexandria's first day at the Mean Girl Manor to see one slave on Cloud Nine under a pair of Perfect Eights.

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1168 mb
15 min

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