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Garry on Mean World - Mean Dungeon - Mean Bitches - The Power of Paisley
17 Jan, 2021

Hello. Fixed. Thanks you for reqest...
janatan on Mean World - Mean Dungeon - Mean Bitches - The Power of Paisley
17 Jan, 2021

Hi, link is dead, looks like agian...
janatan on Young Goddess Kim - Used Abused Amused - Female Domination
12 Jan, 2021

Thanks :) it's really good stuff, Y...

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The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - I Want Dick For Dessert (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - I Want Dick For Dessert (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

OMG, I swear I hate this old disgusting pathetic slave that My Auntie used to keep around the Manor… Ewwww… its so unfair that I had to talk to it or let it breathe My air… and it was so stupid… I would say something or make a joke to My Aunt, and this vermin would actually pipe up with nonsense about how it felt at the moment.. We LITERALLY GIVE ZERO FUCKS loser about anything you have to say…

But back to this old crusty loser… Auntie had locked the sickly looking thing under Her bed shortly after branding its ass at Christmas (You can tell because She stuck a paper towel under its ass to keep the carpet from getting stained while I destroyed its worthless old man sack…) When I arrived at the house it started in talking about something no one cared about and within about a minute I was ready to off the insipid thing…

So I did exactly what My Auntie always taught Me, hurt a loser and laugh the stress away… LOL…

I quickly shut this thing up by smashing its worthless cock and balls under My sharp spike heels… and as if that wasn’t threatening enough, when the loser saw the large sharp metal studs all over the black leather stilettos, he immediately turned his pathetic loser head and started licking away at them and My feet hoping for some sort of mercy… but no loser, mercy isn’t part of the deal… My happiness is the only part that matters… and My happiness involves the destruction of your little pathetic man parts…

I nailed it three times fast and it shrieked out and whined louder and louder as I unloaded on it…so fun to watch it whine and squeal and squirm as I mash, crush, and stomp its balls to oblivion. (Just wait until you see the difference in how they look from the start to the end of the clip… you fools are so pathetic and stupid…)

And the entire time I am ruining this things useless manhood, My Auntie is in the background filming and tormenting it about what a beta loser it is… the thing is so helpless and just lays there as I smash My heels into it again and again, from every angle and manner I can create…. HAHAHAHA….

But what do I get for all My effort in hurting this garbage little bitch? A loving thank You Princess? A gift of countless millions? No, just this obnoxious thing again talking, and whining, and doing so louder and louder the more I kicked it… So duh, remember earlier loser??? NO SPEAKING, UGH…. WE DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU OR HEAR ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY….

That means tape, lots of tape…. Gorilla Tape….. LMFAO…..

And of course, if I have to actually work to tape it up, I am going to make it pays Me back by kicking its ass twice as long… so I really lay into it after and continue smashing it over and over (this clip goes 20+ minutes) and better than that, in addition to ruining and destroying this loser’s baby bits, We took it to a whole new level at the end where this loser made one of the best pronouncements We’ve heard in ages… HAHAHA… I’m not giving away the goods, but I’d bet dollars for donuts, that the title might be onto something about this homo….

<3 Princess Amber <3

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21 min



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25 Sep 2020


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