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24 Jan, 2021

Thank you for all of these updates!...
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19 Jan, 2021

Hey Garry! Sorry for that spam last...

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The Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - Locked Up For More Money (SD) - Chastity

The Mean Girls - Princess Cindi - Locked Up For More Money (SD) - Chastity

So this married freak comes to Mean Girl Manor (YES, in REAL LIFE!!) to pay me just for the privilege of worshiping at my feet. He wrote an email to Us like a lot of you do- but this one was at least smart enough to be a member of Our site and send us a tribute before contacting us. So guess what? We actually took him seriously, wrote him back, and brought him in to take more of his money in person!

This video is a REAL video of us meeting, financially abusing, and mocking a loser “fan” of ours. By the way, he really is a complete idiot. He barely speaks English (like most of you idiots) can barely answer a question, and his dick is like SOOO small!! And to top it all off, it isn’t even circumcised!! Plus, the biggest sin of all- he didn’t bring us enough $$$ to make us happy! You can hear one of my girlfriends filming this for me from behind the camera as she is laughing throughout the entire clip because this guy is SO fucking pathetic.

And he thinks he is going to get away with just having a pigg mask put on him and being made to oink for our entertainment. Nope, sorry loser. You’re not getting off that easy haha. We lock him in one of OUR chastity devices that we keep at The Manor (so his loser ass does NOT have any keys to it!) and then, guess what?? We send him home to his WIFE like that! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! And he will STAY locked up until he comes back with MORE $$$ for us!! (Have fun trying to avoid sex for a few weeks with your fat, ugly wife and that tiny little dick of yours until I get PAID, bitch!) I explain to him that I OWN his ass (and his tiny little cock) now and that I will even turn his ugly wife into my bitch if I feel like it.

Oh, and this clip has my direct contact email address in it- for any of you other losers that will PAY ME to be treated like craapp like this little piggy haha.

Princess Cindi

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12 min



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