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The Mean Girls - Princess Mya - Miami Mean Girlfriend (4K) - Shoe & Boot Worship

The Mean Girls - Princess Mya - Miami Mean Girlfriend (4K) - Shoe & Boot Worship 19yr old Princess Mya (formerly "Princess Jessica"- She wanted to change her name...) wanted to live out this fantasy - of completely humiliating and degrading an ex-boyfriend of hers. Did you ever have one of those times when you wish you could go back and do things differently? i guess this was one of hers...So She made the slave play the role and she knew she could do anything she wanted...and make that ex BEG for her and totally treat him like and DEGRDE the F*CK out of him this time! VERY entertaining...and therapeutic for her! The Princess finds a text message from a girl in her "BFs" phone- and she HATES that. So she literally throws the phone (yes, a REAL phone) on the floor and stomps it to with her leathal stiletto boots. Some great close-up shots of her crushing her boyfriends phone...She actually bends the metal heel from stomping so hard on it! Then when he gets home...she makes him get on his knees and BEG her forgiveness. She literally makes him CRAWL to her! He is so whipped...but thats not good enough for Her. She makes him kneel before her while she sits on the couch and enjoys a glass of wine while watching him BEG her not to leave him! She takes it even further by making him shine her boots - including the soles! - with his tongue! She fucks his mouth with the heel of her boot, just to give herself a good laugh... Then she takes his humiliation to the next level- she drags him over to the entryway of the house - where everyone walks in and out all day - and throws an old burrito on the floor. She proceeds to step on it right in front of him, him to watch. She talks about how she wishes that was his C*CK, with her metal stiletto heel going right through it!
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