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mutou on Mandy Marx - Preparing The Slave - Bondage
19 Sep, 2021

i love this woman very much....
emilek on Mistress Courtney: Ruined Orgasm Slave - Bondage
18 Sep, 2021

Thanks for all amazing updates!...
Garry on Ibicella FR - Handjob et 2 orgasmes ruinés - Hot Femdom
13 Sep, 2021

Done. Thanks you for reqest....
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The Mean Therapist - Part 2

image host This is Part 2 of ME taking advantage of a patient that comes to Me for hipno-therapy to help him with his weird foot fetish. Did I help him?? HELL NO! LOL!!! I made it WORSE! HAHAHA!!! (go see Part 1 if you haven't already, slave!) The only thing I have changed for him is that now instead of obsessing over ALL feet, he now only obsesses over MY feet! So I can take full advantage! (God, I hope I get more foot-fetish patients...it would be so easy to turn them all into complete and utter SLAVES for Me!) In Part 2 I bring in My secretary so SHE can see how much power I have over this patient and what a fool I can make him into just for My FEET. (I like showing off...lol.) I snap My fingers at him when she brings him into My office and he literally DROPS to his hands and knees right in front of Me like he had just been shot in the legs! We laugh our asses off. My secretary recognizes him because he was in the office early this morning (under My trance still) cleaning our office like a good little bitch. I explain to her that he will be doing this from now on so we can get rid of our cleaning crew that we actually had to PAY. LOL. Because this loser will do it for FREE! HAHAHA!!! I even tell My secretary how I had him clean My HOUSE for Me too! (And My house is huuuge...lol.) But his bitch-ass will do ANYTHING now just to be allowed to kiss MY feet...we decide that he should be made to wear a janitors uniform too while he does it! HAHAHA...this corporate CEO is going to be our new JANITOR and work for us for FREE! My secretary is shocked to find out that I am making this loser pay $5000 PER SESSION just to see Me! And I have decided that he needs to see Me twice a week! LOL! I will have Med School paid off in no time! :) I decide to have some fun by showing off the power I have over him in front of My secretary by literally slapping him across the face with My stockinged foot. I mean, how disrespectful is that? I make him take My work pumps off with his TEETH and then slap him right across the face with My foot over & over as he kneels their before Me like a love-sick puppiedog! Then I make him give us BOTH a footmassage at the same time! I wonder what I can make him do next...??? Goddess Randy image host wmv 640*480 184 mb 8 min Download Part 1 Download Part 2
06 May 2015

Alpino Wait 1-2 days. I again upload the first and second parts

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