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The Price of Redemption

The Price of Redemption

THIS IS ALL ABSOLUTELY TRUE BTW!!--> This slave wrote 2 us, BEGGING us 2 take its name n contact info off of Our "Slave Wall Of Shame" on our members website- where we post the names and info of the ASSHOLES that flake n RUIN Our video shoots. (Oh, yes, you would be surprised that it happens quite often- which is why we REQUIRE a deposit from slaves now. You get it back when you show up for your shoot...)

So the Queen assigned Mistress Rodea to DESTROY this loser and make it PAY for flaking last time! She has even offered to pay Rodea a BONUS if she "breaks" the piece of n makes it beg for mercy before it redeems itself!

And so the contest is on...Rodea BEATS the stupid loser to a PULP while she mocks it 2 its face n LAUGHS that she can do this "all day" until it DIES if she feels like it...or the slave just gives up, begs for mercy, n crawls out of Mean Girl Manor WITHOUT its dignity OR its name being removed from the "Wall Of Shame" at least its life will be spared for sure...but IF it takes the full beating n lives, Mistress promises the slave its info will be removed. But it has to take EVERYTHING!! Whips, CANES, and even BIGGER canes! And Mistress Rodea has full permission from The Queen 2 beat this fucker 2 defth if she wants to!

So will the slave make it...???

Keywords: Whipping, Caning

620 mb
17 min

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