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Tiffani Mocks and Teases U into Messing Your Diapers

Tiffani Mocks and Teases U into Messing Your Diapers

Your step-daughter Tiffani has zero respect 4 u. She's always thought u're a wuss n has been trying 2 get her mom to date other guys forever. Now Tiffani is back from college and has finally convinced mommy 2 go on dates with other men. Even worse 4 u? Tiffani offered to force "the little wimp of the house" into humiliation diapers and “sit” 4 u while mommy is out on her dates! Now it’s diaper time for u, little man - with your cruel step-daughter as your sitter! Mean sitter Tiffani laughs at u and belittles your manhood as she commands u down on 2 your diaper changing pad. She strips u of your man pants, rubs u with diaper rash ointment and mockingly sprinkles baby powder all over your pathetic little ding-dong. Then she diapers u securely and tugsyou into a pair of plastic panties. That’s when the fun starts – fun 4 Tiffani. Tiffani towers over u and prods the front of your diapers with the tip of her boot n taunts u into making a “number 3 squishy-squirty mess” into your diapers – while she’s on the phone talking to mommy! Will u be able to resist mean Tiffani, as she she mocks u with baybee talk and teases your nubby? Or are u gonna prove what a pathetic widdle diaper dork you`re by making messy diadees?

Keywords: Diapers, Humiliation, POV

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