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To Much To Handle

glam worship

U fell into the trap and started purchasing Goddess Alexis's clips. U just can't keep away, your completely and utterly at her MERCY. U just cant stop thinking about her. U're not alone... but, u will have to get used to the thought of being a willing LOSER. Only real men get to F@CK this TRUE GODDESS. Goddess Alexis loves to tease all of u submissive virgin freaks, "Go on lock yourself up u loser". U will sit back and be forced to masturbate, as the GODDESS you ID0LISE, STALK and practically WORSHIP, tells u what she really thinks of small cocks like Y0URS and how only REAL MEN get to F@CK her. U will be forced to listen to how good it is to be a REAL MAN, and reminded how pathetic and useless your tiny man clit really is.

24 mb
7 min

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